Prisoner 306
animated short film

The Story

The arrival of the prisoner 306 at the city’s Central Prison meant the greatest calamity for the corrupt officers administering the prison. The jail was completely full, there was no cell or space left in all sections for receiving this prisoner, his arrival would mean a lot of money in expenses for running the place and less money for the leaders' pockets, for another section of the prison they had shut, would have to be reopened.

Since releasing the prisoner without any legal bases was not an option and the prison administration was already under investigation for past criminal suspicions, some leaders would consider getting rid of the prisoner by other dark and bloody routes.

However, there were still a few officers left in the prison with ethics and moral bases who would try to prevent a tragedy and save the life of the “prisoner 306”.


We are a small independent animation studio located in Central America with a great passion for cinema, and the stories and characters that inhabit them.

We seek to create stories that leave a mark on the viewer by using animation as our means of expression.

Short Trailer