About Us

We are a small independent animation film studio

We have been working in the in graphic-arts design for several years, creating and developing ideas for projects. Our capabilities and creativity to evolve with the new waves to build and create new shapes and concepts, motivate us to keep searching for new goals and discoveries.

We are an eclectic group that bring together a unique blend of talents to develop characters and images that speak and express for the purpose to tell stories, anecdotes involving very original concepts.

A spirit full of passion and creativity which supports this studio, dedicated to being prosperous and constructive.

Our approach is to create animated characters and captivating stories by developing and giving them movement frame by frame from start to finish, we want to share our vision and take you to other ‘never-ending world’ with us.

At MaguienCendor, our artists produce content, visual images and scenarios for short and feature-length animated films; featuring high-quality visual effects, as well as the language for interaction between places, spaces, characters and eras.

Creative stories and anecdotes, inspired by fiction or actual events, visioned by passionate and artistic minds.